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Many diabetics have unused and unexpired diabetic test strips they no longer need. This is because they may have updated their glucose testing machines that requires them to use a different type of testing strip. What some people do not realize is that they can get money for the unused or unexpired disbetic testing strips by selling them. You can sel diabetic test strips online. Their are retailers who buy these test strips and send you the money. There are just three simple steps to follow to help you sell your test strips fast and the are:


1. Print and fill out the short online form.

2. Ship your unused test strips to the retailer.

3. Get paid fast and easy.


If you have Paypal, then you can get paid for your strips the same day. If you choose to sell your test strips, you can get aid up to thirty dollars a box. This online test strip buyer makes it realy safe and secure for you to sell your test strips. No personal information is ever shared with other companies. Online places to sell your test strips to are reliable and dependable.


Buying test strips can be really expensive so why let them waste if you are no longer able to use them? Sell diabetic test strips can get paid and you can use the money towards your new ones. You will be reimbursed for shipping costs too. It is a hassle-fee and easy way to make some fast cash. These places to sel your test strips have gained trusting customers. Customer service reps are available to answer your questions or concerns about selling your diabetic test strips. You can choose to receive your pay in cash, money order, check or through Paypal. Don’t waste your unused diabetic test strips when can can sell them to help someone else.